Fritz meets Cat

A very short story …about fashion and life .

She is a dedicated follower of fashion…no matter what she is talking and thinking about.

He is old…but sometimes very young. He never cares what people are thinking and talking about him

Shoes Luis Trenker Kitzbühl, jacket from Masons Ibiza,trouser from Zingaro München,bag from Van Santen Vienna,t-shirt from Ana Maria Turea 13,scarf from somewhere Williamsburg, New York

All Cat is putting on is styled or produced by herself. Like her life…she’s like a rainbow…and expresses herself not only in painting and acting and doing. Most of all she expresses herself in dressing and moving and feeling.

Together….Fritz and Cat : big experience.

@anamariaturea #anamariaturea13 #opafritz #beautifulsouls

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