Fashion. My world.It’s Cat. Part One: Emotional

I live in the nature. So the nature lives in me. When I am going to plan a new handmade t-shirt or any kind of dress… first I have to think about the textile material. It must be cosy to wear ..whatever you do. When you see it in the morning…you must say…I am pleased to meet you..

When you wear it…you must feel like dancing. We live in Ibiza…sometimes it is really warm outside. So we need a breath of fresh air. Your shirt or skirt or any dress is not allowed to cramp you. We need ventilation not only when you move.

The hand made paintings…there you can see and feel the mystic nature of the Ibiza ground coloured in different shades of brown or the colours of the plants around me and you.

I try to combinate that wonderful colours with the universe in my mind.

Follow me into that world of endless

imaginations…Never forget..the sky is not the limit.

Look and taste it!

But if you would like some special developments…don.t hesitate to tell me


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