Funcar or Sportscar?

When I’m back to Munich in the summer time I love to drive a sportscar.Till the age of 40 I drove and loved that kind of cars everybody drove..Porsche 911, BMW Z8,Jaguars..Now..I prefere cars which look a little bit old me…but individual,funny and crazy. I asked my brother to buy the same car in black. So we change sometimes.

When I spend my time in Ibiza, I love to drive funcar TucTuc or motorbikes harley in special naked editions. I drove so many different cars on that crazy Jeep..Landrover..but the one and only is my tuc tuc. Its a piaggio it i s allowed without paying money to park everywhere.

I need both!

Yours, Opa Fritz #Ibiza #München #MUC #IBZ #BestPlacetobe #OpaFritzandCats#morgan #tuctuc #anamariaturea13

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