On monday..Flower Power in Pacha Club/Disco

Grandma was dancing there in the late sixties with Mr.Jagger. Cool.

But today?

Nobody goes to Mc‘ Donalds…but everybody does.

The same thing with flower power party.

Ok.One week later you still smell the Marihuana smoke in your clothes..and you are still singing…when you go to San Francisco…

Now you understand that grandma is still fascinated..of those early days…its only rock’n roll

Then back in the future…Guetta..fuck me..I’m famous..same location…one day later?

The next day that little bar on formentera called 62 is full crowded..don.t ask me..why

See you next monday?

#flowerpower #Pacha #62formentera #fritzandcats #anamariaturea13

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