Fritz and Cat in English

Hi! It’s Frits and Cats.
Welcome to our world.
Welcome to our blog.
We invite you to feel and share our fascination for fashion, lifestyle, especially art and architecture and for crazy or just beautiful places and events.
Our target group are men over 55 and women who have not yet left their future behind them.
We will not pass away in boring perfect beauty but show and create types and situations that are special …
Represent opposites and light up the moments that signal … life is exciting and always surprising.
No time for boredom!
Fritz hates stupidity, envy and boredom.
He does not understand why the interesting male population 55plus is paying so little attention to fashion itself.
He does not want to make people more beautiful or even sexier: Save us God!
Charlatans, miracle healers including health and fitness hysterics are plenty.
Fritz wants to show and / or create types that have a high positive recognition value, because their unique selling points were worked out in style.
Protruding ears, a prominent nose, a horny belly … Why not?
Wrinkles and lived faces are desired and helpful.
Individuality that is tailored.
Dress .. do not dress up.
This also applies to other areas of life.
Fritz develops strange ideas for interesting, crazy single apartments even in the smallest of spaces.
The goal is to reflect the type of resident and to radiate positive …

We live now!

Since we are not professionals … everything is a bit bumpy in the near future.
But no fear. We learn fast.
We ask for your support and suggestions, criticism and active cooperation … for example under Guest Cats.
Let’s jump into the cold water together.
Lets see what happens!
No matter. Do not let the soul cloud you.
Have fun!

Fritz and Cats

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