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Opa Fritz
Opa Fritz

„Leben ist Brücken schlagen.“ Zitat Gottfried Benn

So, Opa Fritz is living in Munich, Ibiza or somewhere in the world.

Opa Fritz is a friend of cats and he is specialised in sound acoustic of rooms.

He loves to change rooms so there’s a better understanding of speech and music.

He wants rooms to have a perfect sound.

He is an engineer but crazy.

He is interested in fashion for old but crazy men, in lifestyle, food, art and especially in interior design of spaces.

I told you the only place to be is Ibiza because people around the world are coming here so I don’t have to travel.

Opa Fritz is different. Opa Fritz does not always wait for the world to come to Ibiza. He loves to travel around the world, not as far and not as often as before. Diving in the Maldives? For sure! New York twice a year is a must. Short trips for skiing or a weekend in Amsterdam, Vienna and Rome are also fantastic. Fritz is always looking for types and spaces that you can change. And he is looking for extraordinary events and locations that you can not find in tourist guides.

He meets young and young-at-heart people who have not yet left their future behind them. That makes them interestingbecause they have experienced so much.

Hi there! That’s Opa Fritz.

Welcome to our Blog „Fritz and Cats„.

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