Las Dalias Ibiza Events on wednesday between future and past.

We live now!

Everybody agrees with this…especially people from future. Now!

Catch the moment.

But some old fashioned ibiza partys are very successful…flower power on monday in pacha…music of the eightys in hard rock hotel and…Namaste on wednesday on market Las Dalias.


Full crowded in the early evening.

Walk around and take a look…its no real hippy market.

Something in between future and past.

Young and old…crazy and old fashioned…come together

Old fashioned in Ibiza..means totally crazy in munic, Germany, for example.

Colourful, mixed emotions, love and other lies…cowboys and angels…whatever you want

Also the healthy thinking and living people…will survive

Girlfriend cat with the new idea..

Cat with Opa Fritz


You give her your dress..t shirt, trouser..whatever you want…and she is pimping it up in a crazy way..that tells everybody…Ibiza is the only place to be.

I love her creative way of doing things.

Look that movies.

Also you can tell her to develop a special t shirt for you.

Only for you…text included

Plomo or plato


Don.t touch me


The sky is not the limit.

Don.t hesitate to call her for a date.

You will be really surprised.

Its not expensive

Ana maria turea , beautiful soul, art13amt every wednesday in las dalias..

But attention..don.t push the bitch button.

And then walk around and listen to the music…life band..Dj…famous in London, New York, Berlin…here one in the crowd.

Relax your mind…enjoy your ..drink…smell…taste

Staying alive.

I am sure you come back again.

Any questions ..please ask that girl in the entry area.. called….

She is so cute…her smile warms you up.

Come in and find out.

#fritz and cats #art13 amt @anamariaturea13

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